Megan started working at a kennel/grooming shop in 1986, and found grooming was a good match for her love of dogs. From there she attended Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Cliffside Park, NJ. She graduated Nash in 1989 as a Pet Care Specialist.
Her career has spanned the country from East to West and back again. She has been grooming here in Greenfield, Massachusetts since 2006, and opened Mighty Clean Mutt in 2012.
Megan continues her education by attending seminars, workshops and tradeshows throughout the year. Her shop has a cleanliness and safety certification and Megan is dog and cat CPR certified by the Red Cross.
Megan shares her life with her long-term partner Mike, two rescue dogs, Kai a lab, and of course, the store mascot and adorable mixed breed, Dallas.




Mighty Clean Mutt is THE green groomer of the Pioneer Valley.

        In 2014, Megan had the the front of the building renovated to make it much more energy efficient. The full glass facade, the frames and the double glass doors were carefully removed and brought to a new location where they are going to be reused as a new greenhouse.


Then the front walls were built, insulated and new energy efficient double hung windows (like in your home) were installed. The double glass doors were replaced with a much more energy efficient single door with insulated glass and an extra side window for more natural lighting.

mike-and-ken\ new-front\ new-walls\ new-windows\ new-windows-out


The energy efficiency comparison for Oct – Feb 2013/14 to the same time in 2014/15 shows an 13% decrease in the electrical energy needed! The oil saved from one heating season to the next, is over a full tank of oil, that is over 200 gallons in less oil used during a much colder than normal winter!

The water consumption for MCM is less than a typical four person household.

    We use low flow, but high pressure fixtures both in the self-serve tub and in our salon’s tub. We only wash full loads of laundry and we use a re-circulation system for our salon baths. The bathing system we use on the salon dogs recirculates the water for one dog, and is emptied and new water is used for the next dog. This dramatically reduces the water and shampoo needed for a  mighty clean mutt!

Mighty Clean Mutt reuses what we can, reduces where is practical, and recycles always.

We shop as absolutely as locally as we can. Some sources are from right here in our New England states. We try to buy as much USA made toys and grooming products as possible, and we NEVER buy treats from out of the county!

Mighty Clean Mutt believes in giving back to our community.

We do this by volunteering our time and expertise to local shelters and their events. We raise money to donate to local pet organizations through our events, as well we give monetary or treat/toy basket donations for auctions to local charities.