Mighty Clean Mutt believes every dog should have personal attention. Your dog should not have to sit at the groomers all day waiting for their turn. We strive to have each dog with us for only 3 hours. Well established ‘Preferred Mutts’ could be groomed in as little as 2 hours*.

*please ask us if this is suitable for your dog

Please see our Policies page for more information.

All grooming includes

Bath, Blow Dry, Light Brushing,
Pads and potty shaved,
Nail Trimming,
Ear Cleaning,
Bow or bandanna (ask)
You can add
a little neatening,
a full clip
and even add on
a de-shedding process (see below).
(Please ask your groomer before grooming
for the latest prices and estimate for your dog and services.)

Delightful DeShed

-Add on to any full grooming service-
Your dog gets a luxurious bath with de-shedding shampoo, rinsed, then a de-shedding conditioner is worked into her coat, or we treat your dog with a 10 minute soak with a “Hot Oil” conditioner containing oatmeal and aloe, or coconut oil, each helps limit matting, tangling, shedding and skin irritation a. After that is rinsed out, she gets a leave in conditioner that restores sheen and body to a lackluster coat!
Small: $20  Medium: $25  Large: $30
Add an additional $10 for the ‘hot oil’ soak.
Talk with us about how to keep your house less hairy by scheduling more frequent grooms!

Wash & Go – Call ahead – Owner must stay at MCM

This typically is about 15 minutes.
Quickie bath. Towel dry. Done.
Small $16 – Medium $28 – Large $35
Limited blow drying +$5-$10
Add a nail trim while here.
S $10 – M $15 – L $20

Special needs

We also work with ‘special needs’ clients. This may mean we are working on extreme fear or some aggression. It can also mean physically challenged dogs. As well as owners who feel they would like to stay to during the process. This needs a special appointment arranged after an interview with Megan. The cost of this is a base of $80 per hour with a minimum of one hour. Most grooming appointments run 1.5 to 3 hours.
* All groom prices are subject to change based on the condition and temperament of the dog.


bichon112before bichon112after

deshed shephard
deshed lab
* All groom prices are subject to change based on the condition and temperament of the dog.
crazy hair