We come to your home, pick up  and  properly disposed of all dog waste, helping to make sure the waste doesn’t cause any more impact on the environment than necessary.

Dog Waste Removal Rates* ***          Gift certificates available!

1 dog once a week $14 per week – each additional dog $4

**1 dog twice a week $21 per week – each additional dog $5

1 dog every 2 weeks $26 per visit – each additional dog $8

*Some parts of Franklin County will be assessed an additional $1-$5 per visit added to the above listed rates and is based on proximity to our current service.
**2 times per week service is currently available in some parts of Greenfield, Montague, Turners Falls, Gill and Erving.

*** We can leave the waste bagged and in your outside trash for a credit of $1 per dog per visit. Prior arrangements are needed.

Initial Clean-up Charge (on-going waste service only)

Applies to all new customers whose yards have excessive waste accumulation. The initial clean-up charge is $60 for up to 60 minutes of clean-up and $15 for each additional 15 minutes. There is a $60 minimum. If there is little or no accumulated waste, the initial charge will be waived.

Event or Community One Time or Spring Clean-up Charge (dog waste service only)

Have an event that needs to be cleaned up before, after or both? Have a park, housing community, or just a piece of land or trail that dog owners frequent, but don’t always clean up after? One Time Cleaning rates are $80 for the first 60 minutes. Each additional 15 minutes is charged at an additional $20/per. Total cost will depend on the amount of waste, size and overall condition of the property. There is an $80 minimum. Payment is due at time of service being rendered. Checks are not accepted for one time clean ups.

Service includes

* Yard walked, twice and all waste picked up.

* Waste removed from property and properly disposed of per all local and state laws.

* All equipment, tools and footwear is disinfected between properties.

* No need to be home. We will come on the prearranged time and day.

* We will close all gates as we enter and exit. As the pet owner it is your responsibility to check all gates before letting your pets out.

Prepayment Discounts (on going service only)

* Pay for 6 months in advance and save 4%

* Pay for 12 months in advance and save 10%

Referral Program

Receive a one visit credit for service when you refer a new customer who completes a month of service. Must be signed up for on-going service to receive credit.

Rate & Payment Info:

Rates subject to change without notice
All rates are based on avg. yard of 1/4 acre and may vary depending on size of yard and landscaping
We accept cash, checks*, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex.
There is a $35 returned check fee, service will discontinue until all invoices are satisfied.
Large amounts of yard debris, leaves or long grass may make it hard to scoop. We can only scoop what we can see. We do not work in lightning storms, and fresh snow may make it hard to scoop. If we are unable to scoop because of snowy conditions, we will take 1/2 off the price of the missed visit off your next month’s bill (remember we still end up cleaning that poop up).
If you have any further questions about our rates, please contact us directly to discuss one on on 413-772-9367. We’ll call you back the same day–as soon as our schedule allows.

*Checks are not accepted for one time clean ups.